We create experiences that the audience you care about, cares about.
We develop simple creative solutions for complex strategic puzzles. We do it by uncovering truths that matter to your audience, building them into stories, and seamlessly executing them how and where they make the most impact — from campaigns to stunts, content to identities.

Strategic elbow grease makes our creative shine.

Our mix of bleeding-heart creatives, smartypants strategists & writers, production over-planners, and one vegan specialize in bridging thinking and making.

Left brain

Our in-house research and strategy chops allow us to root conceptual thinking in sound insights. We never put the creative cart before the strategic horse.

Right brain

We’re obsessed with bringing beauty to everything we create —through design, animation, installations, shoots, HTML5, PSD, C4D, VFX, and a whole bunch of other industry acronyms.


We’re always looking for ways to explore new technologies and build new experiences to better connect with audiences. If we’re not delivering a hefty dose of innovation, we’re not doing our job.


We have the agency chops to think big and plan hard, and the creative pedigree to bring ideas to life anywhere, any way, across any platform.




The under-the-hood thinking that powers our creative. We establish what’s happening in your market, how you're unique, who you’re speaking to, and where they are.
  • — Landscape Audit
  • — Market Analysis
  • — Segmentation Studies
  • — Audience Personas
  • — Brand Strategy




We use insights to create smarter, more creative marketing. From ideation to production to planning, we build campaigns that connect with the audiences you care about.
  • — Go-To-Market Strategy
  • — Concept Development
  • — Integrated Campaigns
  • — Stunts & Experiential
  • — Live-Action Production

Design & Branding

Design & Branding

Design & Branding

We build visual and verbal identities, from naming to logos to production toolkits. After Effects plugins, render farms, and endless font libraries? Those are sexy to us.
  • — Visual Identity
  • — Verbal Identity
  • — Naming & Tagline
  • — Brand Bibles
  • — Design & Animation Toolkits

Our Team

Robert Blatchford


Sunrise surfer. Friend to all. Business strategy expert who can identify client needs like none other, build custom plans for action, and shepherd projects from initial conversation to final delivery. Hosts what some have called “the greatest poker tournament in the history of our industry.” Hecho en Venice.

Chuck Carey


Encyclopedic knowledge of music. Not-so-secret tech nerd. Business management expert who has a knack for identifying and utilizing the hidden strengths of every staffer, and can find opportunities for creative excellence in every assignment. Believes there’s only one answer to the Fender/Gibson debate: yes.

Curtis Doss

Executive Creative Director

Proud alumni of ’90s skate culture. Unrivaled knowledge of obscure musicians. Leader of all things creative, design, animation, and VFX. Potentially award-winning beard.

Patrick Jones

Executive Creative Director

BBQ connoisseur. Horror-head. Movie maniac. All-black everything. Galaxy brain creative guy. Literally no marketing vertical he hasn’t jammed in. Voted most talkative his senior year. 1996 Blockbuster Video Game Championships regional winner (Donkey Kong Country division).

Jonathan Guillen

Creative Director

Art collector. Beer Brewer. Highly skilled multitasker, problem solver, and leader to creative teams with an expertise in campaigns ranging in 360 to digital to web and beyond. Most likely to challenge you in a game of pool.

Nikki Black

Associate Creative Director

Indie Comic lover. Zine Creator. Zelda Stan. Associate Creative Director with a flair for copy and a special love of genre audiences. Loves a good jacket/vest to add to their growing collection.

Jessica Garcia-Scharer

Head of Production

Aspiring Ayurvedic health counselor. Tattoo aficionada. Leader of all things production, planner of internal processes, lover of a positive client experience. Firmly believes vintage VW Bugs are the best vehicle ever.

Kevin Volz

Senior Producer

Ride-or-die Knicks fan. Maker of homemade sugar water (because, hummingbirds). Expert in managing projects, personalities, and getting the most out of the team. May have dabbled on a craps table a time or two…hundred.

Wynt Curliano

Senior Producer

Film Enthusiast. Senior Producer with a passion for finding innovative ways to to bring creative storytelling to life. When he’s not working, he’s probably listening to Tame Impala, showing off his flip cup skills, or reading tarot cards.

Federico Jimenez

Senior Producer

Massive pro wrestling fan. A master in the art of accents. Wicked communicator across all channels to keep the ship at sail. Off duty DJ when no one is looking.

Tucker Rhodes


Avid movie viewer, who never misses a detail and seeks to deliver the highest quality creative. Catch him busting a move on a water ski, while listening to Fleetwood Mac.

Tatiana Hithe


Ex-volleyballer, rave bae, and self-proclaimed detective. Avid The Weeknd fan who’s all about the details. Persistent producer with a knack for effective communication.

Brent Lang

Director of Business Development

World-class multitasker. Man of one million impressions. Buttoned-up biz dev fella, who knows the location of all the good coffee joints. Has a costume or accent for any occasion.

Deanna Brown

Art Director

Unabashed dancer. Retired college hooper. Expert in using motion graphics to communicate human emotion, spearheading rebrands and promotional campaigns, and breathing life into creative ideas. Most recent convert to the worldwide roller skating revival.

Young Kim

Jr Art Director

Coffee bean collector. Major Bruno Major fan. Visual storyteller with unrivaled design and animation chops specializing in all things AV graphics, rebrands, and title sequences. Always down to kick back with a cold one.

Felipe Picazo

Senior Designer

Fantasy footballer. Chihuahua papi. Expert in crafting visual voices for brands through creative marketing campaigns and refreshed brand identities. If you can’t find him in the office, he’s probably escaped to a basketball pickup game.

Sally Choi


Fervent fan of functional furniture. Kimchi connoisseur. Has an eagle-like eye for detail and a wide-ranging skill set that includes graphic design, typography, illustration, 2D animation, photography, and branding. Moonlights as a curator of canine-centric creations.

Erik Lu

Jr Designer/Animator

Soft-spoken. Hard-nosed. A junior designer whose skills span from graphic design to animation, bringing a unique perspective to everything he touches. Catch him out in the wild strumming his guitar and nerding out to nature videos.

Dave Tousignant

Creative Editor

Cocktail connoisseur. Beach bum. Clip cutter and footage finesser with decades-long experience editing film trailers, documentaries, and digital content. When not glued to a computer screen, you can find Dave wrenching on his beloved Bronco.

Diana Pinto

Marketing Manager

Avid outdoorswoman. Postmates pro. Organizational magician and overseer of all things internal marketing, social media strategy, and re-rescheduled meetings. When not balancing projects on Slack, you can find Diana balancing herself on a slack…line.

Tricia Lopez

Resource Coordinator

Budding florist. Self-appointed “Queen of Emails”. Something of a professional matchmaker always in search of the perfect fit for every project. When not on the hunt for fresh talent, you can find Tricia drafting poems and crafting earrings.

Whitney Burton

Business Development Coordinator

Proud pup parent. True lover of true crime. Uses her acute attention to detail and passion for people to keep business boomin’ and client relationships bloomin’. Spends her free time identifying bird calls because why not?

Brooke Montoya Elbrecht

Production Coordinator

Adventurer. Collage Maker. Dabbler in theoretical physics. Brooke is a Production Coordinator who takes great care in building a seamless production environment sustained by the spirit of the creative process. Win their heart by pointing them to the nearest estate sale.

Dania Ocegueda

Production Coordinator

Baseball, Bad Bunny, and Brunch enthusiast. She’s a wizard at multi-tasking and keeping projects at bay who has mastered the art of responding in Harry Potter references.

Sean Laughlin

Production Coordinator

Letterboxd lover. Resident motorcyclist. A man with a plan when it comes to parsing out production processes, resolving IT issues, and making everyone’s lives easier. Bakes bomb bread and keeps southern California well-fed.

Shari Sabido

Office Manager

Vibe curator. Bucket hat collector. An organizational master who manages the office and manages to keep everyone in a good mood. If you see her outside of work hours, be sure to refer to her as DJ ShariShades.

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