Fix a cocktail, inspire your creativity.

With bars now closed, we’ve each been forced to call on our inner Tom Cruise in Cocktail

Fix a cocktail, inspire your creativity.

Back in the days when our office and our homes were different places, we at Compadre were known to segue a day of working hard into a fun night of imbibing responsibly at a local haunt. Of course, with bars now closed, we’ve each been forced to call on our inner Tom Cruise in Cocktail -- shaking, stirring, and probably spilling along the way. While the results have ranged from “that’s surprisingly good” to “holy sh*t that’s strong,” the process of concocting the classics or coming up with our own creations has been fulfilling in more ways than one. 

The purpose of this article isn’t to provide you with drink recipes -- you can find those in a million other places from people who know far more than we do -- but instead to give you a hypothetical seat at our home bars and hopefully provide some inspiration for your own. 

As far as tools needed for quaran-tending, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s OK to experiment. You are your only customer and therefore you can take some liberties with traditional builds. That said, you do probably want to get a jigger to measure your pours (at a restaurant/bar cocktails generally range from 1.5-3 oz of liquor depending on the drink). If you opt for the jigger you might as well get a whole starter set -- strainer, stirrer, shaker -- to at least feel like you know what you’re doing. 

Great, you’ve got your tools and now you need something to use them on. Well, let’s see what the Compadre crew has been whooping up to give you some ideas: 

  • With the Southern California spring feeling a lot more like summer, our Co-Prez Robert has been sippin’ on some “homemade” Sangria. His mind is always moving a million miles a minute so it’s no wonder he opts for a drink you can throw a million things into. (Ingredients: Drive to C&O Trattoria, pick up sangria, drive home, drink sangria)
  • When he’s not tending to his Sam Elliot-meets-James Harden facial hair, our Executive Creative Director Curtis Doss is unwinding with a classic Negroni. Three ingredients, equal parts, always does the job. (Ingredients: Hendricks Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth, beard oil)
  • Our Director of Creative Strategy Mika goes a little less classic and little more kooky with his beverage of choice, the Kalimotxo. (Ingredients: Red wine, Coke, that can’t be it…. seriously red wine and Coke?’s really it)
  • Like a badass Carrie Bradshaw, our Head of Production Jess likes to add some fire to a traditional Cosmopolitan by using Patron. (Ingredients: Patron, triple sec, lime juice, splash of cranberry juice, acceptance that you won’t look as cool drinking it as Jess)
  • Aside from wearing many hats (literally, he dresses up for every team meeting), our Producer Brent likes to hitch his wagon to the ever-dependable Moscow Mule. (Ingredients: Vodka, Lime, Ginger Beer, shouting MOSCOW MULE in a Christopher Walken voice)
  • Junior Writer/Strategist and once-upon-a-time bartender (we know, dude) Joey makes what he likes to call “A Shot In the Dark.” (Ingredients: Rye Whiskey, shot of espresso, brown sugar, cinnamon, coffee bitters, snobbish insistence on a big ice cube)
  • As for Emma, our biz-dev coordinator, she likes to keep her home office clean and her gin martinis filthy. (Bombay Sapphire, touch of dry vermouth, olive juice...nope, more....keep going...keeeeeeppp goingggggg)

With all this fresh in your mind, it’s time for you to get crankin’ on your own libation creations. If you make something awesome, share the recipe or photo with us. And if you make something terrible, keep it to yourself and try again! Cheers, compadres. 

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