ESPN | MLB – Opening Day Promo: Welcome to the Show Season Launch Spot

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Ready For a New Season?

ESPN MLB called us up to create the launch spot for the 2024 MLB season on Opening Day. Centered around the message 'welcome to the show,' our goal was to instill a sense of excitement in viewers, setting the stage for the upcoming season.

Animated Sport

Our inspiration was centered on vibrant illustrations, crafted to breathe life into the personalities of the players while incorporating iconic baseball imagery. We employed impactful typography and unpolished style to create a compelling visual narrative.

Stadium Inspired

The logo draws inspiration from the aesthetics of stadium scoreboards and signage, with added elements such as lights and depth to enhance its vibrancy. Through a curated combination of typography, we aimed to imbue the design with a dynamic and captivating essence.

Ready For Anything

The logo was meticulously crafted to ensure optimal legibility and versatility across various formats, including both simple and broadcast applications.

Master Logo

Arched Logo

Arched Color Logo

AV Logo

Different Looks

We strategically designed the logo in multiple configurations, including stacked, short stacked, and long formats, to maintain optimal readability across diverse spatial contexts.

One of a Kind Illustrations

We crafted custom illustrations to serve as integral graphic assets throughout the spot, ensuring not only immediate impact but also long-term consistency for future needs.

Star Studded Moments

We strategically used  standout moments from players to accentuate their unique assets and personalities, employing dynamic animations to convey these highlights in an engaging and professional manner.

Not Your Average Type

We customized all typography within the spot, pairing  it with lively animation and a polished sheen. This culminated in the development of a versatile and impactful typography system, ensuring flexibility and consistency throughout.

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