FXX Animation Block – 12 Hour Animation Marathon

To promote FXX’s new animation block, we developed two dynamically delirious brand IDs featuring iconic characters from the channel’s biggest animated titles.

No Such Thing As Closed Doors

Taking inspiration from back rooms and infinite doors, our latest animation with FXX goes deep into the world of characters. As one door opens, we are sucked into continuous rooms with characters and elements from each animated show. Sorry in advance for the motion sickness.

Mixed and Mashed

Armed with the biggest titles in the game, FXX was ready to take over the adult animation world. To get the word out, they tapped us to create a brand identity for their new programming block starring iconic characters from The Simpsons, Family Guy, and a handful of other animated classics.For an occasion this momentous, our work needed to be lively, energetic, and dare we say...animated. Knowing this, we created a brand new color palette and threw in a hint of psychedelia for good measure. Our final product culminated in two versions of a unique visual system designed to plunge the audience into a new world chock-full of familiar animated faces. The first mashes together elements from all of the programming block’s titles using themes of space, water, junk, and winds, while the other depicts FXX as a multi-headed monster made up of all its audience’s favorite characters. With these two concepts working in tandem, our mixed and mashed brand identity solidifies FXX as the unrivaled goliath of animation.

Holiday Family Guy IDs:

But we weren’t finished yet. Wanting to deliver their biggest present of the season and offer an out to those reaching their breaking points while home for the holidays, FXX decided to give its viewers The Avoid Your Family Family Guy Holiday Marathon consisting of 368 non stop episodes. To start spreading the news, we put together two brand IDs incorporating the show’s characters into classic holiday traditions. Together, our fun ‘n’ festive brand IDs let viewers know that if they can’t deal with their own dysfunctional families during this time of year, FXX will happily provide them with another one.

Chew On This

Ever wondered what all of your favorite animated shows would look like in burger form? Rhetorical question…of course you have! Wanting to satisfy your vivid imagination’s appetite we took characters and elements from the animation block to the chopping block – transforming them into a juicy, 100% non-vegan hamburger. Now stop salivating and dig in!

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