Paramount+ – Star Trek Super Bowl Ad

The Star Trek Universe is coming to Paramount+. That’s big news. So big that we built a Super Bowl spot to tell 100 million people about it.

What’s the best way to announce that the entire Star Trek Universe will be available on Paramount+? 

An Immersive Universe

Using Sir Patrick Stewart’s voice to guide us through the spot, we built character vignettes that stir emotion, and leveraged the vibrant colors of the Star Trek Universe logo to establish a rich, vast visual environment that sparks the imagination.

Light-Speed Production

This Super Bowl spot was created in less than a week. CBS shot various Star Trek talent on green screen; it was our job to tell a bigger narrative that ties the footage together. Coffee and IPAs kept us going. A delirious Slack channel kept it moving.

Super Bowl: The Final Frontier

Introducing Compadre’s first Super Bowl spot—a product of some late nights, imaginative thinking, and awesome people.

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